Symmetry Innovations

QNX Operating System & Tools

QNX Software Systems is world renowned for its various real time operating systems which are extremely reliable, robust and innovative. QNX products are designed for embedded systems running on ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SH and x86 platforms, and a host of boards implemented in virtually every type of embedded environment.

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SMX is a real time operating system (RTOS) specifically designed for embedded systems. It supports ARM, Cortex, ColdFire, and PowerPC, and it is portable to other processor architectures.

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Goanna - C/C++ Static Analysis Tool

The Goanna suite of static analysis tools pinpoint defects and vulnerabilities in C/C++ programs including access violations, memory leaks, array and string overruns, division by zero, unspecified, non-portable, and/or dangerous constructs & security vulnerabilties.

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Cypherbridge - Embedded Security

The explosive growth of internet connected devices calls for solutions to meet the surging demand for big data, scalability, privacy and security. Cypherbridge software solutions deliver secure device-to-cloud connectivity for management, control and data planes, providing integrity, privacy and authentication for data in-flight and at-rest.

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